Client: Sue Ryder [website]

“Jeff is professional and always pleasant to work with. He has provided Sue Ryder with design work to a reliably high standard, keeping closely to our branding. Recommended!”

Theresa Bailey, Head of Marketing

Client: Renewable Energy Assocation [website]

“Jeff was brilliant to work with. He was very reliable and worked attentively to deliver what we wanted, and in good time. He helped us to ensure our Made in Britain report was such a success – visually it was stunning and we had great feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeff. He would be my first choice for any design work we need in future.”

Leonie Greene, Head of External Affairs

Client: UNI Global Union [website]

“Jeff is extremely professional and supportive, and shows great respect for our branding. He has been a real asset to ensuring UNI Global Union’s project work communicates the key messages and essence of our campaigns in a highly visual and engaging manner. He has confidently handled an intense workload of multiple documents in several languages without ever missing a deadline.”

Pav Akhtar, Director of UNI Global Union Professionals & Managers (based in Switzerland)

Client: Liberty [website]

“Jeff provided an excellent all-round service, creating great contemporary designs that gave us exactly what we were looking for at competitive prices. We also really appreciated his commitment to our campaign.”

Doug Jewell, former Campaigns Coordinator

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Thank you to my wonderful clients for taking the time and trouble to answer my requests for testimonials!